Share accounts.
Share expenses.
Share adventures.

A shared account at Lunar makes it more simple, fun and engaging than ever to share your finances.

Create a shared bank account and share expenses and experiences.

Share an account with up to 10 people. Get a card each.

Manage all your money easily

A shared account with likes, emojis and comments

Share expenses with your favorite people

Whether it’s a budget account with your loved one, a food account with your friends, or a travel account for the family - a shared account at Lunar makes it easy to share all expenses.

And don’t worry about who is paying for what – just use your shared card, when you are out together.

Share adventures and memories for life

Laughter, adrenalin kick and Insta-worthy moments. Is there anything more valuable than sharing experiences with the people you love?

Use shared accounts for savings and save up money together for trips, city breaks or an apartment. Make your dreams come true instead of only talking about it.

Save up and create memories and traditions with each other.

A shared account that engages and gives overview

The Lunar shared account is much more than just an account. It’s a whole universe that makes finances fun and engaging and gives you and the rest of the group the best possible overview of your money.

Comment on transactions. Pick a color and symbol for your account. Tap like and use emojis. Get a notification whenever one of you uses their shared account card.

The community with your favorite people does not only exist in the app but also outside of it and that makes it easier to manage the money all together.

Share account with up to 10 people

Want to share an account with your girlfriend, roomie, guild, siblings or maybe your wine club? You decide. Get a shared account with one or up to 10 other Lunar users, you trust – and get a VISA card or a virtual card for everyone in the group.

The shared account can be created by any user with a Lunar Premium or Lunar Pro subscription. The rest of the group can join, even though they might be Standard, Premium or Pro users.

It's easy to create a shared account

Sign up for Lunar

Download the Lunar app and sign up in a few minutes. You can easily use Lunar while having your current bank. Remember that you must have a Lunar Premium or Pro subscription to create a shared account.

Create your shared account

Create a shared account with a swipe in the app once you have registered for Lunar Premium or Pro – simple as that.

Invite your favorite people

It’s easy to invite the people you want to share the account with. You only have to send an invitation link from the app which the receiver can open from their phone. All users must have Lunar to be able to use the shared account. If you send the invitation link to a non-Lunar user, they will be redirected to a guide on how to sign up.

Get answers to your questions

It’s completely free to sign up for Lunar and create an account, a Visa card and use our banking app. You don’t pay for transfers or receiving transactions nor do you pay fees to pay your bills.

If you want more, you can upgrade to Premium in the app, and you can buy shares in our investment universe. When you travel abroad, it costs DKK 9 to withdraw money and 1% on top to use your card.

No, you don’t have to switch from your current bank to use Denmark’s best banking app. You can choose Lunar as your primary bank or use it as your secondary, if you don’t wish to shift from your current one. You also have the opportunity to connect your current bank account to Lunar when you create an account. 

Try Lunar – it’s 100% free and non-binding.

All users with a Premium or Pro-subscription can create a shared account. Users of Lunar standard cannot create a shared account but are able to join one shared account.

You can share the account with up till 10 people, which means 11 in total.

The user who creates the account is the owner of the account and liable for it. The owner can invite, approve and remove members. The group members can transfer money from and to the shared account and make card payments with either a physical or virtual card and everyone can see each other’s transactions.

Yes. All members of a shared account can get a card to the shared account – one physical card and a virtual card per user for every shared account.

No. The shared account is only for private purposes. Businesses and unions cannot use a shared account at Lunar.

The person who creates the account must have a Lunar Premium subscription or a Lunar Pro subscription. The rest of the group do not need Lunar Premium or Pro to join in. All group members can get an extra Visa card for the account. See prices.

It’s safe to have your account at Lunar. We are - just as any other Danish banks - under the supervision of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. That means there are a number of guidelines we must adhere to. With us, your money is covered by a deposit guarantee, which protects the amount of deposits in bank accounts in banks with up to DKK 750,000.

Help always at hand

If you need help, we are easy to reach. Chat with us in the app or call us until 11 pm on weekdays and until 5 pm on weekends and public holidays.

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