with the best

At Lunar, we believe that we need to stick to what we're good at - develop the best banking app - and then find partners who are good at other things. That's why we're partners with some of the best in insurance, investment and much more, so we can offer the best products especially made for Lunar's users.


If you need more accounts, extra features worldwide and want to get rid of rubbish fees, then upgrade to Premium.


Invest in the brands you love. Choose between the coolest stocks from all over the world, in an investment experience that makes it easier than ever.

Travel insurance

Together with Tryg, we offer travel insurance so comprehensive and affordable that it simply isn't worthwhile not to have them.


We have made an exclusive package for you who’d want a personal banking experience with three accounts, no unfair withdrawal and exchange fees, with the exclusive Premium Card included. You can create three of the popular virtual cards, physical replacement cards and get a first-class travel insurance with the card.

Lunar Invest

With Lunar Invest the investment experience is cut to the bone making it easier than ever to buy stock in the brands you love. The trading cost is low, transparent and without hidden fees. We even handle your tax report automatically. Easy.

Travel insurance

We've teamed up with Tryg to offer comprehensive and affordable travel insurance. Choose between insurance for Europe for DKK 15 / month and insurance for the world that costs DKK 25 / month. It's non-binding, has good coverage, and ski holidays are included in the price.