List of transfers to third countries

This document comprises a list of transfers of personal data to countries outside the EU/EEU conducted by Lunar A/S in its role as data controller or data processor. The list sets out information regarding the recipient, country, legal basis for the transfer, and groups of persons who are affected by each transfer. In this regard, the following groups of persons may be affected:

- Job applicants

- Employees

- Customers (private and business)

- Contact persons of business partners and suppliers


RecipientCountryReason for transferAffected
TypeformUSA (AWS Hosting)Privacy ShieldJob applicants
Slack Technologies Inc.USAPrivacy ShieldCustomers + Employees
1PasswordUSAPrivacy ShieldEmployees
Intercom Inc.USAPrivacy ShieldCustomers
Braze Inc.USAPrivacy ShieldCustomers + Employees
Jira (Atlassian Inc.)USAPrivacy ShieldEveryone
Github Inc.USAPrivacy ShieldCustomers + Employees
Clickup (Mango Technologies Inc.)USAPrivacy Shield (non-HR data)Customers + Employees
Bitbucket (Atlassian Inc.)USAPrivacy ShieldEveryone
Trello Inc.USAPrivacy ShieldEveryone
Signal Messenger LLCUSAStandard Contreactual ClausesCustomers + Employees
Google Suite (Google LLC)USAPrivacy ShieldEveryone
Google Ads (Google LLC)USAPrivacy ShieldCustomers
FacebookUSAPrivacy Shield (non-HR data)Customers
TwitterUSAPrivacy ShieldCustomers
AdColony Inc.USAPrivacy Shield (non-HR data)Customers
Unity AdsUSAStandard Contreactual ClausesCustomers
Pinterest Inc.USAPrivacy Shield (non-HR data)Customers
Doubleclick (Google LLC)USAPrivacy ShieldCustomers
LinkedIn CorporationUSAPrivacy Shield (non-HR data)Customers
Meraki LLC (Cisco)USAPrivacy ShieldEmployees

last updated: 16-10-2019

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