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We are always on the lookout for people who opportunities in stead of obstacles, who see themselves as fixers and not complainers, and who value a great laugh over a heated discussion.

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Skills over titles

At Lunar we don't lose ourselves in titles - our focus is on getting the best skilled people as a part of the journey.

We aim to have a mix of high energy, ambitions, and a desire to go beyond the 8-16 mentality. If you ask us - that’s a mean cocktail!

We are all about speed.

Fast-paced, eager to challenge, and being persistent is just some of the ingredients in the dish called Lunar. This also pretty much sums up the way we work. A great mix of hardcore skills is always the way we approach a task, and of course, we always serve it with a dash of humor on the side.

Our flat organizational structure allows us to work agile all the way from the first idea to the finished product in the app. 

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Thesis requests

At Lunar we always think it’s exciting to share our knowledge with students. Are you writing your bachelor’s or Master’s thesis and do you want to do it in collaboration with Lunar?

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New ideas, fresh perspectives, and creative spirits with high energy - that is the essence of Lunar. We don't always post these positions, but that does not mean we are not looking for cool interns.

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