How do I stop a future payment?

You can stop a future payment by opening the transaction details for the payment, where you can delete it.

How do I make a future payment?

You make a future payment by making a transfer as you normally would. You must enter the amount, receiver and afterward press "Next". You are now able to choose when the transfer should be made. If you choose a future date, the transaction will now be shown as a future payment on your transactionslist.

What happens if I don't have enough on my account to cover my transfer?

If you don't have enough on your account, to cover the transfer, it will be rejected.

You will receive a notification if the transfer doesn't go through.

Can I change the amount of a fixed payment?

You cannot change the amount on a fixed payment. If you wish to send another amount, you need to create a new fixed payment.

How do I make a fixed payment?

You create a fixed payment by initiating a regular bank transfer in the app. When you have entered the amount and the receiver you press “Next”. On the subsequent page you can make it a fixed payment in a given interval and day in the week.