Top Up

When will I recieve the amount in my Lunar account?

The amount will be in your Lunar account within seconds, as Top-up transfers are immediate.

How do I use Top-up?

You can make the transfer by using a Visa or Mastercard.
Put in the card number, expiration date, CVV code and the desired amount; press approve.

You find the CVV code on the back of your card.

Can I use more cards for Top-up?

You can only make a Top-up from one card at a time, however it’s possible to change the card you Top-up from.

To change the card, push the active card and you’ll will be able to change the card or delete it.

How much does it cost to make a Top-up transfer?

The fee for topping up is 4 DKK. The first time will be free of charge

How much can I transfer via Top-up?

You can transfer between 100 DKK and 5000 DKK pr. day. The limit is 10.000 DKK pr. month.

I made a Top-up transfer with the wrong amount, what do I do?

We can't stop the transfer once you have approved it.

You can always transfer the amount back from the app, using ordinary transfers from one account to another.

Which card can I use for Top-up?

You can use all Visa and Mastercards for Top-up, as long the card is European.

Top-up can't be used with DanKort, American Express or Diners Club.

How do I make a Top-up transfer?

You find our Top-up feature by clicking on your account, and you will see the icon.

Now you just have to add your card, and you're good to go!

What amount can I transfer?

You can transfer between 100 kr. and 5.000 kr. per day and max. 10.000 kr. a month.

When will the money appear in my account?

The money will be transferred immediately to your account after you approved the Top-up. It will take a couple of seconds.

What is Top-up?

Top-up is a money transfer from a payment card to your account.

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