Can I get extra cards for an account as a Premium user?

You can have two cards assigned to your primary account; Either two Premium cards or one Standard card and one Premium card. If you create additional accounts, you can assign one card to each account.

Can I cancel my Premium subscription?

Yes. The right of withdrawal is 14 days and must be notified in writing. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get a refund of the 69 DKK, if the subscription has already been initiated. It can be done by e.g. order a card or create an extra account.

When can I use the Premium features?

As soon as you complete your Premium subscription purchase and sign the digital documents, your app will automatically be updated with your Premium features. Quick and simple!

How many replacement cards are included in Premium?

You get 3 replacement cards included annually. If these are used up, a replacement card will cost DKK 99 per person. You can easily order replacement cards through the Lunar app.

How many cards are included in Premium?

In addition to your Standard Card, three Premium cards are included in your Premium subscription.

Your Standard card will always be assigned with a primary account, but you can also order a Premium card for your primary account. This means that it’s possible to have two cards attached for your primary account only. Your Standard card will automatically get Premium features when you upgrade to Premium.

Can I connect my NemKonto to my new Premium accounts?

Yes, you can easily connect your NemKonto directly through the app or at

If I cancel Premium, what will happen to my cards?

Your Standard card will remain active but it will lose its Premium features. It’s possible to use the card as your Standard card again. All Premium Cards are blocked and can’t be reactivated. If you need to order a new Standard card, you can order one through the app.

If I cancel Premium what will happen to my accounts?

Your primary account will remain active, but your additional accounts will be closed. It’s a Premium feature to have multiple accounts. We will move all of your money to your primary account in your app, which is the same account your Standard Card is associated with. You won't lose any money in the process. Do not worry.

How many accounts are included in Premium?

You can create two extra accounts in addition to your primary account. This means that it will be possible to have three accounts as Premium.

Do I have any notice period?

When you cancel your Premium subscription, the notice period is the current month plus one month.