Lunar Loan

Can I apply again if I have previously been rejected?

You can apply again if you’ve been rejected before. All though there must be a change in your finances before it makes sense for you to apply for a loan again.
It could be that your income has increased, or your fixed expenses have decreased, so it’s possible for you to be approved.

How can i apply for a Lunar Loan

You can apply through the Lunar app via the product menu.

Click on the icon for "Lunar loan" and follow the instructions.

Answer the questions and finally sign with Easy-ID.

What information do I need to give to apply for a loan?

You need to give the following information, when filling out the form application for a loan:

· Your Easy-ID.

· What amount you wish to borrow and how much you want to pay off per month.

· Housing conditions, marital status, fixed expenses and other loans.

All this information is necessary for us to know in order to perform a credit rating to make sure you can repay the loan. It is therefore important that you make sure that the information you provide is correct and error-free.

I haven’t received any answers on the assessment of my application?

If you haven’t received any message by the push notification from the Lunar app and the 24 hours are exceeded, then you must check under ‘’loan’’ on the product page.

Under ‘’your loans’’ you will be able to see if there’s a loan offer or a rejection.

Can I cancel the loan?

Yes. You have the right to cancel loans and credits within 14 days from the time the loan is disbursed.

If the last day of the withdrawal period falls on a weekend or a public holiday, the period expires the following working day.

If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, Lunar Bank must be notified before the expiry of the withdrawal period that the agreement has been withdrawn. This can be done by calling or writing to Lunar before the deadline expires. In addition, the amount received must be reimbursed together with any costs that Lunar Bank may have paid to public authorities which are non-refundable.

In addition, you must pay the interest accrued from the day the loan was made available until the amount is repaid. The stated interest amount that accrues per. day, is calculated on the basis of the interest rate conditions at the time of the agreement, just as no interest has been taken into account. The interest amount paid when exercising the right of withdrawal is the accrued interest, calculated on the basis of the agreed interest.

The total amount must be repaid without delay, and no later than 30 calendar days after you have notified Lunar Bank of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

Can I pay off the loan before the term expires or pay a little extra off?

Yes, you can. If you get the opportunity to pay off a certain amount of the loan – or even the whole amount – before time, it will only reduce your installments on the loan.

Why did I get a rejection?

You have been refused because we unfortunately cannot accommodate your loan.
In the refusal, you can see exactly why your loan has not been approved.

What interest do I get?

The interest rate is determined differently and individually based on each applicant's financial situation. The actual interest rate can therefore not be stated in advance.

The interest rate is between 5-20%.

When will I receive an answer to my loan application?

If you turn on the push notifications on your Lunar app, you will receive a notification within 24 hours if your loan is approved. You will always receive an answer by email whether it’s a rejection or an approval. If your application is approved, you will receive a loan document, which must be signed with Easy-ID.

When will the money be in my account?

The money will be transferred right after the loan agreement is signed with Nem-ID

What will happen if I don’t repay the loan?

If you cannot pay the monthly installments we’ve agreed upon, Lunar will initiate the reminder procedure.
At first you will receive reminder fees but eventually your loan will go to the debt collection.

You are more than welcome to contact us so we can look at the possibilities of finding a solution together.