How do I apply for an investment account?

Firstly you have to be a user of Lunar before you can apply for an investment account through Saxo bank. You apply for an investment account by opening the section Products in the app. Hereafter you click on the symbol for Invest. The processing of your application can take up to 3 working days. Additionally, it should also be said that we can not guarantee that you will be approved by Saxo Bank.

What does “The market is closed” mean?

If you see the text "The market is closed" it is the stock market it refers to. To ensure a good experience, we have chosen that it is only possible to buy and sell shares when the stock market is open. If the market for the given stock is not open, the order cannot be placed. As we offer shares from different nationalities, you must make reservations for any time differences.

Why is the money that I have transferred not on my investment account?

It can take up to 3 working days before the money you have transferred to your investment account gets there. The same applies if you are transferring money back from your investment account to your private account. The reason for this is that Saxo Bank doesn't offer instant transfer, and you are, therefore, only able to make a regular transfer. 

N.B Weekends and bank holidays can add additional days to the transfer

How do I cancel my investment account?

Contact our Support team via the chat function in your app. You can also give us a call on + 45 70 60 54 54. We can be contacted every weekday from 10 am 9-23pm and 10-17 on weekends.

What does the collaboration with Saxo Bank entail?

When you become a user of our investment feature, you apply for an investment account through Saxo Bank. The entire application process to get an investment account and the actual trading all happens directly in the Lunar app. That is why it is also our Support team that you have to contact if you have any questions.

What is a brokerage fee, and why do I pay it?

You pay 19 DKK in brokerage fee pr. trade.  A brokerage fee is a fee that the broker of the trade takes to complete the trade - this accounts for both sale and buy orders. We have compared with other platforms and tried to dump the brokerage fee as low as possible because we want you to use your money on trading - not fees. 

N.B! Please be aware that with foreign stocks, the brokerage fee is 19 DKK + the currency fee er. 

How do I transfer money to my investment account?

When your application for an investment account is approved by Saxo Bank, you will be able to transfer money from your private account to it. When you transfer money to your investment account, you simply just open your Investment portfolio, and then you click on the icon Insert. Then you fill in the amount you want to transfer. The transfer is only possible from your private account. Therefore, it is a condition that you are a user of Lunar, and that you have the amount available on your account.

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