Can I choose which account I want as my EasyAccount?

Yes. If you have multiple account, you can easily choose which account the money must be payed out to. If you have the Premium or Pro subscription, you can have multiple account.

Which benefits are there with a EasyAccount?

All public authorities will use your EasyAccount, when they have to transfer money to you. So there are many benefits with a EasyAccount:

  • You can correct the account informations under self service at Nemkonto.dk
  • Fewer failed pay outs
  • The public authorities will save both time and money, because they have to use less time updating account informations
What is a EasyAccount?

Your EasyAccount is the bank account, that the public authorities uses when they have to pay out money to you. It is an ordinary bank account, which you already use. You are free to choose which of your regular accounts you want to use as your EasyAccount. Here are some examples of public pay outs, which are transferred through EasyAccount:

  • Child family benefits  
  • Surplus taxes
  • Pension  
  • Salary to public employees   
  • Social welfare
Where can I see my EasyAccount?

When you log into self service at nemkonto.dk, you can see which of your bank accounts are used as your EasyAccount under "Your Account" in the menu. In order to check it, you must use your personal electronic key, EasyID or digital signature.

Is my account number and my account informations protected?

Your informations are protected. The public authorities can only transfer money to your EasyAccount. They can not retract the money on the account or see any movements on your account plus they don't have direct access to see your account number.

Can I change my EasyAccount?

It's easy to change your EasyAccount, if you e.g. shift bank. 
It can be done the following three ways:

  • You can easily change your EasyAccount at Nemkonto.dk. In order to do so, you must log into self service and use your digital signature/EasyID.  
  • You can change your EasyAccount in most netbanks. About 90% of danish banks makes it possible to change your EasyAccount.
  • You can contact your bank and ask them to change your EasyAccount for you.

Once you are logged into self service, you can change your EasyAccount by choosing another account. It's an advantage if you e.g. shift bank.