Is it included if I have Premium or Pro?

No, it's not included. 

It's like an add-on, which gives you the benefits from both worlds at the same time. This means that if you have the Premium subscription, the Astralis card will have benefits that comes with Premium.

How do you access the Astralis exclusive content?

You can access the content via our product page if you pay the 49 kr subscription fee. 

As a free user, you have access to a limited selection of content.

Can I regret my subscription?

Yes, the user can get their money back within the first 14 days, if you have not used the product.

What if I lose my Astralis card?

If you lose your Astralis card, you can order a new one through the app.

  • If you are a premium or pro user and have not used all of your replacement cards you can order a new one for free. 
  • If you are a standard user, you have to pay for a replacement card.
Cancelation of subscription

If you cancel your subscription, you have to pay for the current month and + 1 month. You can cancel the subscription in the app.

Do I pay full price if I buy halfway through the month?

Yes, the subscription works just like premium, so if you start the 15th, you just get billed every 15th of the month. It is not possible to change which date you pay the subscription.

What can I access if I purchase the Astralis subscription?

You grant access to an exclusive Astralis Univers!

You get access to the following:

Paid version

  • Access to Astralis debit card
  • Player profiles
  • Ask Me Anything functionality
  • Exclusive video content from Astralis
  • Link to private discord channel that will be monitored by Astralis during a match
  • View unique discounts from Astralis partners
  • Get pre-access to purchasing of tickets for event & games

Free version: 

  • Can view player profiles 
  • Can view a limited selection of Astralis video content. 
How do I get the Astralis card?

You can only get the Astralis card if you pay the monthly subscription. If you cancel your subscription, we will also close the card. 

This is done automatically when you cancel the subscription.