Get Google Pay™
with Lunar

Add your Lunar card to Google Pay to make easy and secure contactless payments with your Android device.

Payment with Google Pay


With Google Pay it has never been easier to pay. Just hold your phone near the terminal - without opening the app.


As Google Pay doesn’t hold or give away your card details when you pay, it is more safe than regular payments.


You can use Google Pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted - both online and in stores.

It's easy to set up Google Pay

1: Open the Lunar app or download it for free in Google Play

2: Open the tab ‘Card’, select ‘Add Google Pay’ and follow the guide

3: You are all set and ready to use Google Pay in shops, online and in apps

Using Google Pay is easy

You can use Google Pay anywhere contactless payment is accepted. In a store you just hold your phone near the terminal like a credit card.

If you shop online or in-app simply click Google Pay, select your payment method and confirm your order.

Pay with Lunar and Google Pay

Frequently asked questions

Lunar’s nice cards are just as awesome when you use them on your mobile. You don’t have to flash your card or find your wallet when you use Google Pay and you can pay smart and safe with your phone. 

Yes, Google Pay is free of any charges, and there are no fees applied.

Do you want to use Google Pay? Get Lunar for free and get access to the best banking app in the Nordics with an account and our black Visa card. You can even use Lunar together with your existing bank.

Google Pay is more secure than ordinary card payments. When using Google Pay a unique code (called a token) is sent to Visa, not your actual card information. This makes it more safe for you as a card user, as the store never receives your actual card information. 

Your card information will not be accessible if your phone is stolen or hacked, but your card can still be misused for purchases via Google Pay. If your phone is stolen og hacked you need to freeze your card. Please call us on 70 60 54 54 and we will help you. Our phone is open every day from 09-23 and 10-17 on weekends.

You can use Google Pay on any device that uses Android version 5.0 or a later version (with built in NFC). Check if your phone can make contactless payments.

Google Pay can also be used on tablets based on Android 5.0 or a later version. At the moment payments with smartwatches is not supported.

  1. Open the Lunar app or get the Lunar app for free in the Google Play Store
  2. Open the tab ‘card’ and choose ‘add Google Pay’. Follow the instructions in the app.
  3. You are all set and ready to use Google Pay in stores, online and in apps. 

Learn more in Google’s guide to configure Google Pay.

Try checking the following: 

  1. Your phone uses Android 5.0 or a later version 
  2. Your phone supports NFC. Check if your phone can make contactless payments
  3. Your card is from Lunar and has not expired 
  4. You have installed the Google Pay app on your phone via the Google Play Store

If you meet all of the requirements but still can’t get it to work, please contact Google Support.

You need to freeze your card right away. Please call us on 70 60 54 54 and we will help you. Our phone is open every day from 09-23 and 10-17 on weekends. 

The card number in Google Pay is a “token” (a fictive card number) so your Lunar card will not need to be frozen.

You can also use the “Find my device” to track your phone and lock it. Contact Google support to learn more.

When you use Google Pay, Google and associated corporations gets an insight to your payment data. This only applies to the transactions made with Google Pay, and is a condition in order to use the solution. Read more in Google’s privacy policy and conditions.

If you choose to sign up for Google Pay, it means that you give consent to share this data with Google. You can retract your consent anytime by deleting your Lunar card in the Google Pay app.

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Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

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