Business Loans for startups

Get a loan from Qred when you need money for your business. If something happens, you can get financial first aid to get back on track. Or you can loan money to grow your business bigger.

Qred Business Loans
Qred benefits

Apply in 1 minute

Qred benefits

Receive a loan offer within 1 hour

Qred benefits

Get the money the same day

Get money for your business

Being a company owner, you’re probably well aware of the importance of having enough cash at hand. Your computer might break down or maybe you want to expand your business. In both cases, Qred can help you. With a Qred business loan, you can borrow up to 500.000 DKK for your company. The process is easy and quick, and that's why Qred is the ideal loan for entrepreneurs and startups who need cash fast.

You simply apply for a Qred loan in the Lunar app. You’ll receive a loan offer within an hour and we’ll put the money in your bank account the same day. 

It’s entirely up to you to decide whether you want to pay back the loan amount over a period of 6, 12 or 18 months. The Qred business loan is interest free. All you need to pay is a fixed amount that is valued individually. Use the loan calculator in the Lunar-app to see what your specific price would be.

Make the most of your business with Qred

To get a Qred-loan, you need to have a Business account at Lunar. If you haven’t already, you can download the Lunar-app and apply for a business account directly in the app.

Lunar Business is customized for entrepreneurs and company owners. With a business account at Lunar, you can manage your finances directly from your phone. It is easier, digital and cheaper and you can do it all on-the-go without using your computer. In other words, Lunar Business makes it easier, faster, and smarter to be an entrepreneur and a company owner. In the long term, you’ll have much more time on hand and instead of using time doing your finances, you can focus on growing your business bigger.

This is how you get a Qred loan

Sign up to Lunar Business

Download the Lunar-app and apply for a Lunar Business-account in the app.

Apply for the loan in 1 minute

As soon as you’re a Lunar Business user, you can apply for a Qred loan in the app. The first thing you’ll have to do is to choose the loan amount. Next, we need you to answer a couple of questions about your economy. For instance, you can't be on the RKI-list. 

Get a loan offer within an hour

Once you’ve applied, we’ll send you a loan offer within an hour. Whether you want to confirm it or not is entirely up to you since it’s a non-binding offer.

Confirm and receive your money

We’ll pay out the money as soon as the loan offer is confirmed. 

Get answers to your questions

Qred is a business loan available for Danish companies.

To apply, you need to be a Lunar Business-user. You sign up here. As soon as you’re a Lunar Business-user, you can apply for the loan in the app.

All registered companies with a Lunar Business-account can apply for a Qred business loan. You can apply for a business loan regardless of the size of your company.

With Qred you can loan up to 500.000 DKK for your business.

At Lunar we want to give entrepreneurs the best conditions for success. Therefore, we’ve teamed up with Qred, who is the provider of the business loan. It’s a transparent and flexible way for companies to loan money, and that’s why it’s the optimal loaning solution for entrepreneurs and startups.

A Qred loan is interest-free. You’ll pay a fixed amount, that’s valued individually.

There’s no rate on a Qred business loan.

Representative example:

Loan: 100.000 kr. - Total repayment period: 9 months - Monthly repayment: 12.711 kr. - Monthly fee: 1.600 kr.* - Installment of principal: 11.111 kr. - Total costs: 14.400 kr.** - Total repayment: 114.400 kr. - Establishment 0 kr. - No binding. 

*The actual monthly fee is based on your business’ Qred-score and therefore, it can vary. However, you only pay for the months in which you have a loan from Qred.

**You can always redeem your loan ahead of time. If you wish to redeem the loan in 6 months, you will only pay 4 monthly fees, thus, in total: 1.600 kr. * 4 = 6.400 kr.

Help at hand

Reach out to us if you need any help. Contact our support team through the app or give us a call.

We are available everyday until 11 PM on weekdays and 5 PM on weekends and holidays.

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