Is my PIN-code the same as my password?

Your PIN-code is predetermined so it fits your card. Your PIN-code and password are therefore only the same if you choose your password based on your PIN-code.

Why does the money not appear on my card?

If you have had money returned from a shop or webshop, it usually takes a couple of working days before they appear on your card.

Which functions does my card have? 

With your Visa Debit card you can make contactless payments worldwide through a NFC chip. Cash withdrawals are also available from any ATM.

And of course - you can use it when shopping online. 

Additionally, you can add your business card to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Can I pay with my card abroad 

Our business card is accepted worldwide and in any store that accepts a Visa Debit.

Is there a limit on my card? 

With a Visa Debit card you can only use the amount available on your account. It is therefore not possible to make overdrafts. On our price list you can find the current limitations of your card regarding amounts.

Is it possible to receive payments through MobilePay? 

Yes - it’s possible. It will require an agreement with MobilePay Myshop. With MobilePay MyShop your customers can transfer money to your MyShop number - directly from their phone. 

Read more about MobilePay Myshop (In Danish)

Which card is included in Lunar Business?

You will receive a Visa Debit card.

How do I receive my Lunar Business Visa Card? 

The card will be delivered to your company address with the name of your company as the recipient. You will, as the owner of the company, be addressed as the c/o recipient. The delivery of your card will take approximately 10 working days. Additionally the PIN-code of your card will be visible directly in your Lunar app.

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