Business Grow

I’ve changed my mind and no longer wish to use Business Grow. How do I downgrade to Business Solo?

The user may downgrade to Business Solo from the profile- and product page.

When the downgrade is accepted, the user will lose access to the following:

  • Deactivating Grow Premium cards. Virtual cards will also be closed.
  • Extra accounts will be closed
  • Insurances will be deactivated

The user must furthermore be aware that the downgrade will take effect at the expiration of the subscription. If the user has ordered Business Grow the 1st of January 2020, the subscription is cancelled on the 1st of January 2021.

How much can I transfer per day?

You can transfer DKK 200.000 per day, and max. DKK 100.000 pr transfer.

Is NemKonto a requirement?

No. It’s not required to have NemKonto connected to become a Business Grow user.

What do I get with Business Grow?

Business Grow contains the following:

  • All the service offered with Business Solo
  • The possibility of creating up to three accounts
  • The possibility of ordering up to three physical cards
  • The possibility of ordering up to three virtual cards
  • Travel - and mobile bank insurance
  • Nordic API Gateway (AISP/PISP)
  • Subaio for Business
I’m already a business user. How can I upgrade?

A business solo user can upgrade to Business Grow in two different ways. You can either press the button “upgrade” on your profile page, or you can go to the product page, to “Business” and press “upgrade to Grow”. When a user chooses to upgrade from Business Solo to Business Grow. Business Solo is extraordinarily cancelled from the date in question. The user will then have the remaining months of the subscription refunded. If the user took out a subscription for Business Solo the 1st of January 2020, and wishes to upgrade on the 10th of October 2020, the user will be reimbursed for October, November and December. 

To make it simple, this process means that the user cancels their Business Solo subscription and takes out a new Business Grow subscription.

The fee for Business Grow, DKK 3.500, is automatically withdrawn three days after the subscription is made, regardless of the balance on the account.

Subaio for Business

With Subaio, our users can see their subscriptions all in one place, in an easy and organised way, and help with cancelling them. Subaio handles the cancellation process. Subaio for Business is exclusively available to Grow users.

What is the limit on my card?

You can purchase for up to DKK 30.000 on your card.

How do I order a new/ several new cards?

You can order a new/ several new cards from the card page by clicking on the + icon in the right corner. Then you can click on “new card”. You can also order up to three virtual cards in the same section. 

How can I create several accounts?

You can create more accounts from the profile page, by clicking on the + icon in the right corner. Then you’ll be able to press “create more accounts”.


With the Lunar Business Grow feature connect banks, it is possible to have an overview of external bank accounts in other financial institutions, and also to conduct payments via these directly through your business user in the Lunar app.