Apple Pay

Is it free to get Apple Pay?

Yes, it doesn't cost anything to use Apple Pay and there are no fees on payments made with Apple Pay. 

On which devices can I use Apple Pay?

To use Apple Pay you need: 

  • An iPhone 6 or newer with the latest iOS update. You can also use Apple Pay on Apple Watch, iPads with Touch ID or Face ID as well as Mac models with Touch ID. Se more here
  • A Lunar Standard or Premium card.
Can Apple view my transaction data? 

No. When you use Apple Pay, payment data is not shared with Apple Pay. As an owner of an Apple device you are the only one who can see the information. The data is only saved on the device and not on any Apple servers.

How secure is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is very secure. Your card information is not saved in the app or on your device. Each payment needs to be approved with Touch ID or Face ID. You do not use your pin when paying, so you do not need to worry that others might misuse your pin.

How do I get Apple Pay with Lunar?
  1. Open the Lunar app or get the app for free in App Store.
  2. Open the tab ‘Card’, select ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ and follow the on-screen promts.
  3. You are all set and ready to pay with Apple Pay in shops, online and in apps.
Do I need a Lunar card to use Apple Pay?

Yes, you need a card to use Apple Pay. You can order a physical card or virtual card for free in the Lunar app.

What should I do in case my device is stolen?

Contact Lunar right away to block payments with Apple Pay. You can reach us on +45 70 60 54 54. 

If your Apple device is stolen, read more here.

Why should I use Apple Pay?

Lunar’s neat cards are just as awesome when you use them with Apple Pay. With Apple Pay it is easy and secure, and you can pay safe and contactless without flashing your card or finding your wallet.