Company card that helps your business grow

Get a company card for your employees, and say goodbye to employee outlays and time-consuming paperwork. Easily manage all your expenses from one app. Spend your time chasing goals rather than receipts, and grow your business faster.

Lunar Business company card
Lunar Business Expense Management benefits

Company card, expense management and bank account - all in one

Lunar Business Expense Management benefits

Manage all of your finances directly from the Lunar app

Lunar Business Expense Management benefits

Unlimited amount of cards - at no extra cost

Bring in the company card - take out paperwork

Employee outlays steal too much time when running your business. Get a company card for your employees instead, and control your expenses automatically from the Lunar app - without losing control. Set a spending limit for your team and freeze a card if necessary.

You get the company card together with Lunar Business Grow - Denmark's best business account for entrepreneurs.

Manage expenses easier than ever

The company card is much more than a company card. It's complete management of all your expenses directly from the Lunar app.

Make a purchase and take a picture of the receipt through the app. Track your employees' spendings in real time. Get a notification every time a card is used or if a receipt is missing.

Transfer all your data to Billy, Dinero or e-conomic, and make accounting easy. Save time and spend it growing your business instead.

Unlimited number of cards for your employees - at no extra cost

Do you need 2, 4, 10 or more company cards for your employees? With us there is no limit. You can get all the company cards you need - at no extra cost.

Empower your coworkers and let them handle purchases themselves. It leaves more time for all of you - and it benefits both efficiency, job satisfaction and motivation.

Business account built for entrepreneurs

Lunar Business Grow is a business account built for you, the entrepreneur. Register directly from your smartphone and get three accounts, integrations to accounting programs, business loans and much more.

The account comes with the company card, but it is completely up to you whether or not you want to use it. You can keep your account in your current bank and only use the company card with us, without any problems. If you choose so, you can connect your other bank account in the Lunar app and get a full overview of your finances there.

This is how easy it is to manage your expenses

Sign up for Lunar Business Grow 

You will get the company card as part of a Lunar Business Grow business account. All you have to do is download the Lunar app and apply directly from there.

Get company cards for your employees

When you have your Lunar Business Grow, you can easily add your coworkers and get company cards for them.

Make a purchase and take a picture of the receipt 

Make a purchase with the company card online or in physical stores and take a picture of the receipt. See your employees’ expenses in real time and get in better control over your finances.

Every second start-up in Denmark has applied for a Lunar Business account

Based on Statistics Denmark's 2021 records of newly started companies.

What you get with Lunar Business Grow

You get an all in one solution with a company card, expense management and bank account for no setup fee and a low annual price. There is no negative interest rate on the first 250.000 kr., no hidden fees and no unpleasant surprises.



3 accounts for companies with one or more owners.

What you get with Lunar Business Grow

You get an all in one solution with a company card, expense management and bank account for no setup fee and a low annual price. There is no negative interest rate on the first 250.000 kr., no hidden fees and no unpleasant surprises.




3 accounts for companies with one or more owners.

Lunar Business benefits

No sign up fee
Get Denmark's best business account for DKK 0.
3 national business accounts with NemKonto
Connect with your business' NemKonto.
No annual card fee
Visa card for DKK 0 in annual card fee.
Denmark's best banking app
Control your entire finances easily from your mobile.
Let Betalingsservice clear the bill
Avoid manual payments.
Better cash flow with Leverandørservice
Automate your charges.
Easy payroll with Overførselsservice
Automate payroll payments.
Integrate with the best accounting tools
Integrate with the best accounting software, and get easy bookkeeping.
Receive payments with MobilePay Myshop
Let your customers pay with MobilePay.
Apple Pay or Google Pay
Pay with your mobile.

Denmark's best banking app

Free payments and transfers
Get the money into the account right away.
Get an overview of payments with FI cards
Pay quickly with the electronic payment card.
Connect with your redemption agreement
Link your redemptions to your business account.
Safer shopping with three virtual VISA cards
Shop safely with virtual cards.
0% in interest up to DKK 250.000.
Get rid of negative interest rates on the first DKK 250.000.
Opportunity for business loans
Get fast liquidity for your business.
Get an insurance check
Find a better and cheaper insurance.
Save money on the best services

Benefits of Lunar Business Grow

Connect other banks
Link other banks to the Lunar app.
Unlimited number of company cards for your employees
Gain control of expenses with company cards.
Subscription overview - get rid of expense traps
Save money on your subscriptions, and avoid expense traps.
Multiple business owners
The account for you who have a business with several owners.
Cyber ​​insurance from Riskpoint
Get covered against cyber attacks.
Global travel insurance from Tryg
Get insured on travels around the world.

Help at hand

Reach out to us if you need any help. Contact our support team through the app or give us a call.

We are available everyday until 11 PM on weekdays and 5 PM on weekends and holidays.

Get answers to your questions

Lunar Business Grow is for you if you are an entrepreneur with some employees and wants more time to grow your business. You will manage your entire finances from your phone, which means it’s easy, digital and flexible. You can do it all on the go - between tasks or meetings - without a computer. 

You can apply for Lunar Business if you're at least 18 years old and if you have a sole proprietorship, a personally owned small business, a private limited company, or a holding company. With Lunar Business Solo, your business can only have one owner with the authority to sign documents. If your company has a board, it can only consist of the same owner. With Lunar Business Grow, your business can have more than one owner. As an owner, you must live and pay taxes in Denmark.

Download Lunar and apply for a business account directly from your phone. It only takes a few minutes.

It is safe to have your business account at Lunar. We are - just as any other Danish bank - under the supervision of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. That means there are a number of guidelines we must adhere to. With us, your money is covered by a deposit guarantee, which protects the amount of deposits in bank accounts in banks with up to 750.000 kr..

1) Download the Lunar app in App Store or Google Play and select Lunar Business.

2) Apply for an account in a few minutes directly in the app. Have your passport or driver's license and a valid NemID ready. You will need to apply for the account. We will briefly ask about your business idea in the app - what you offer and how you earn or expect to make money.

3) We process your application as soon as possible, and you will receive the answer directly in your inbox.

How to describe your business idea when applying for an account

Here you can see what you can prepare for - and examples of answers from a small company.


 BUSINESS IDEA: Petersens Tømrer og Snedker ApS deals with carpentry. The main focus will be on the sawmill. Here, the company itself will cut planks, timber, put boards up for sale, both to private customers as well as companies, as well as sales at auction.

In addition, the company will perform minor tasks such as replacement of windows and roofs, as well as construction of floors etc.

FUTURE PLANS: Right now it's a side business, next to my job. The long-term plans are for the company to move to full-time employment. The reason for starting as a side business is because I want a wide customer network, as well as a guarantee that the company can eventually carry full-time employment and what to focus on in the future (eg replacement of doors / windows for private customers or exclusively sales from the sawmill.)

SUPPLIERS: Regarding suppliers, XL Byg, Bygma, Stark and other timber loads are mainly used for the purchase of various building materials.

CUSTOMERS: The company handles tasks for both private customers and businesses. The company estimates that the distribution will be 60% private customers and 40% business customers.

With Lunar Business Grow, you get everything in one app: Company card, expense management and bank account. It saves you time and makes it easier for you to run your business. You get an unlimited number of company cards for your employees. You can automate your expenses and, for example, see spendings in real time directly in the app and easily transfer the data to Billy, Dinero and e-conomic.

And you get Denmark's best business account for entrepreneurs with everything you need to manage your money easily and smartly on the go.

By integrating Lunar Business with your accounting programs, you get:

- Automatic transfer of transactions from your account and your card to the document overview in real time.

- Possibility to easily and simply post in the document overview.

- Possibility to attach a picture of the receipt and upload it directly to the transaction.

The actual integration between Lunar Business and the accounting programs e-conomic, Dinero and Billy is free.

You can order physical cards directly from the app. There is no limit on how many you can order for your employees and the price is the same regardless of how many cards you order. 

All team members automatically get a virtual card when they have been approved. The virtual card is a card you can only see in your app. This means you do not get a physical card, but you can connect it to Apple Pay or Google Pay, or pay online with it. You can also order a physical card. 

Only your employees, who have specifically been invited to your team, have access to your account. All team members must verify their identity with NemID when they accept their personal invitation. You can also edit the monthly spending limit for your team in your app.

When you invite a member to your team, you will be asked to set a limit on how much they can spend per month. The maximum limit is 10.000 kr. The limit can be adjusted at any time by clicking a specific member in the Team page in settings.

To add a receipt to an expense, go into your transactions on the home screen, and click the transaction you want to add a receipt to. Here, you can click “Add Receipt”, and the camera will open. You can now take a picture of the receipt.

If you have notifications activated, you will be notified when you have made a purchase. If you click the notification, you will be sent directly to the transaction to add your receipt. 

Join a bank built for small businesses

Get a national business account today and manage your finances easily from your mobile. Minimise routine work and focus on getting your business to grow.