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Lunar Business is a digital bank for you who runs a small business. Manage all your finances from your mobile, minimise routine work and focus on the growth of your company.

Lunar Business account and card
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No sign up fee and low annual price

Checkmark for Lunar Business benefits

Sign up from your mobile and get up to 3 accounts

Checkmark for Lunar Business benefits

Chat and call support when you need it

A bank built for small businesses

Get a bank built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and speed up the growth of your business today - whether you are a photographer, consultant or the owner of a web shop with a couple of employees. 

With Lunar Business you will easily be able to manage your entire finances from your smartphone. Along with a sleek and user friendly design you will have features that provide you with an improved overview of your business. Neither too much, nor too little.

New: Company card that helps your business grow

Get a company card for your employees, and say goodbye to employee outlays, missing receipts and time-consuming paperwork. Easily manage all your expenses from one app. Spend your time chasing goals rather than receipts, and grow faster.

Low priced business account with everything you need

Get a business account with everything you need as self-employed for a low price. No negative interest rate up to 250,000 kr. - no hidden fees - no unpleasant surprises.

With Lunar Business you can invest your revenue in your business instead of bank fees.



For businesses with multiple owners or employees: Get three accounts, company cards, and expense management all in one, and make it easier to run your business.

Low priced business account with everything you need

Get a business account with everything you need as self-employed for a low price. No negative interest rate up to 250,000 kr. - no hidden fees - no unpleasant surprises.

With Lunar Business you can invest your revenue in your business instead of bank fees.




For businesses with multiple owners or employees: Get three accounts, company cards, and expense management all in one, and make it easier to run your business.




For the one-man operation without employees: Get a business account, a Visa card, and payments for a set, low price. Control all of your finances seamlessly from your phone.

A bank as it should be

Free signup
Get Denmark’s best business account for 0 DKK
National business account
A business account with NemKonto attached
Visa-card without an annual card fee
Visa-card for 0 DKK in annual fees
Free payments and transfers
No fees for payments and transfers
Denmark’s best bank-app
Control all of your finances seamlessly from your phone
0% interest rate on up to 250.000 DKK
Avoid the negative interest rate on the first 250.000 DKK
Business loans
Get quick liquidity for your business
Customer support
Support via phone, chat, and email
Multiple business owners
The best account for you, who has a business with multiple owners
Benefits and discounts
Save over 17.500 DKK on the best services for entrepreneurs

Financial overview and expense management

Unlimited cards for employees
Rid yourself of expenses and manual paperwork
Automatic expense management
Control all of your expenses from one app
Follow expenses in real-time
See expenses in real-time in the app
Take a picture and upload the receipt
Say goodbye to physical receipts
Individual spend limits
Set individual spend limits for each employee and keep control over your finances
Connect other banks
Connect other banks to the Lunar app
Subscription overview
Save money on your subscriptions and rid yourself of expense ‘traps’

Payments and transfers

Safe shopping with virtual Visa-cards
Shop safely with virtual cards
Apple Pay or Google Pay
Pay with your phone
Let Betalingsservice handle the bill
Get rid of manual payments
Better cashflow with Leverandørservice vendor service
Automate your collections
Easy payroll run with Overførselsservice
Automate your payrolls
Get an overview of incoming payments with FI-cards
Pay quickly with the electronic payment form
Receive payments with MobilePay Myshop and MobilePay Online
Let your customers pay with MobilePay
Connect your acquiring agreement
Connect your acquiring agreement to your business account

Accounting and bookkeeping

Integrate with the best accounting software
Integrate with the best accounting software and make bookkeeping easy.
Export bank statements and receipts
Make accounting easier than ever


Get an insurance check
Find better and cheaper insurance
Cyber Insurance from Riskpoint
Get coverage on cyberattacks
Global travel insurance from Tryg
Get insured on travels around the world

Account and card - easier than ever

You will get the best national business account in Denmark for entrepreneurs and a specially designed Visa card with you company name engraved. Download Lunar and fill out an application in minutes.

Connect your Lunar card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and pay without the use of a physical card. With MobilePay Myshop you can also make it easier and faster for your customers to make a purchase from your shop.

Emil, owner, Cph-Lab and Lunar Business user

"It's easy and super user friendly. I can fix everything on my mobile and all tools are available no matter where I am".

Emil, owner, Cph-Lab

Jibril, Creative Director, Litemotions and Lunar Business user

"It just works and I save a lot of time. I have recommended Lunar Business to all the small businesses I know".

Jibril, Creative Director, Litemotions

Automated payments and payrolls

Make managing your business smooth and automate your payments and salaries with Betalingsservice, Leverandørservice and Overførselsservice. Get a better cash flow and simplify the administrative work so you have more time to make your business fly.

Integrate with the best accounting tools

Easily integrate your business account with Billy, Dinero or e-conomic. All your expenses and uploaded receipts in your Lunar app will be automatically transferred to your accounting program.

That means you'll spend less time on bookkeeping and more time on your passion.

Save money on the best services

As a Lunar Business user, you’ll get discounts on the best and most essential services for business owners, which will save you at least 17.500 DKK. For example, you’ll save 50 % on Billy,, and Salary. Furthermore, you’ll get a 100 % discount on meaning you won’t have to pay for the first year of your membership.

Get a loan if you need it

If your company needs liquidity, you can apply for a loan in the app through Qred. You will get an offer within an hour and receive the money the same day.

Run your business with peace of mind.

Get answer to your questions

Lunar is a digital bank without any physical branches. Yet we offer all the same services as a traditional bank; that being accounts, Visa cards, payment transfers, loans, MobilePay, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc. On top of that we provide the best banking experience in Denmark, where you can easily and securely manage your finances directly from your smartphone.

We have more than 300,000 users in the Nordic region, and we have offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. Our +130 employees work every day to give our users the best experience, products and features when they bank.

Lunar is a Danish entrepreneurial company founded by Ken Villum Klausen in 2015. Peter Smith is the bank CEO and the day-to-day management of Lunar is composed of people with strong backgrounds in tech, operations, compliance, product and marketing. Henning Kruse Petersen is Lunar's Chairman of the Board and the investors include Seed Capital, Augustinus Fabrikker, Greyhound Capital and Socii Capital.

Yes, a Lunar Business account meets all the necessary requirements. Your company has to have a NemKonto, and you can link that to your Lunar Business account.

It is safe to have your business account at Lunar. We are - just as any other Danish bank - under the supervision of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. That means there are a number of guidelines we must adhere to. With us, your money is covered by a deposit guarantee, which protects the amount of deposits in bank accounts in banks with up to DKK 750,000.

We would love to have you as a private user as well - but no, it’s not mandatory to have a personal account in Lunar to use Lunar Business. You can use Lunar Business while having your private account at your current bank as well.

Lunar Business is for you who own a small business or are about to start one up. Perhaps it's just you, or perhaps you have a few employees. If you want Denmark's lowest-priced business bank account - and at the same time minimize the tedious tasks and therefore have more time to develop your business - then you came to the right place. 

You can apply for Lunar Business if you're at least 18 years old and if you have a sole proprietorship, a personally owned small business, a private limited company, or a holding company. With Lunar Business Solo, your business can only have one owner with the authority to sign documents. If your company has a board, it can only consist of the same owner. With Lunar Business Grow, your business can have more than one owner. As an owner, you must live and pay taxes in Denmark.

Download the app and apply for a business account directly from your phone. It only takes a few minutes.

1) Download the Lunar app in App Store or Google Play and select Lunar Business.

2) Apply for an account in a few minutes directly in the app. Have your passport or driver's license and a valid NemID ready. You will need to apply for the account. We will briefly ask about your business idea in the app - what you offer and how you earn or expect to make money.

3) We process your application as soon as possible, and you will receive the answer directly in your inbox.

Help at hand

Reach out to us if you need any help. Contact our support team through the app or give us a call.

We are available everyday until 11 PM on weekdays and 5 PM on weekends and holidays.

Join a bank built for small businesses

Get a national business account today and manage your finances easily from your mobile. Minimise routine work and focus on getting your business to grow.