12. july 2021

We just raised a record Series D. Here’s why that’s possible 

Founding Lunar in 2015 was a small step. Announcing our record Series D funding is a giant leap for both Lunar and all Nordic banking customers. The Lunar team and our users made it possible.

Ken Villum Klausen, Founder and CEO of Lunar

Today Lunar announces our new Series D funding - a record breaking €210 million that will help us build a Nordic financial powerhouse to serve all Nordic consumers and small businesses. 

Yes, we are a bank, but also so much more. Our vision is to be everything you need in your financial life. That is why we morph banking, payments and infrastructure into something you need and love both as a consumer and business.

The new funding - the biggest round ever from a Danish-based fintech - was possible because of three factors: The 300+ great people on the Lunar team, our current users and the Nordic consumers and SMEs that will join us in the future.

It’s all about team Lunar

Lunar’s new funding round is a true team effort. Every person on the 300+ Lunar team played a significant role in keeping our customers’ best interest to heart and securing new funding for our next growth phase. 

You can’t take a giant leap without giants - and everyone on the Lunar team work hard to make sure our customers get a human touch and better services beyond banking. 

Thank you Team Lunar. You truly are unlike anyone else. 

More than 325,000 users joined Lunar

In the last year, Lunar’s total customer base grew by more than 90% and Lunar Business received applications from more than half of newly established Danish SMEs in 2021.

We are happy for each and every customer joining Lunar. No matter what you need, how much money you have or what you want in life. To us, you are valuable.

Thank you for your dedication. We never expected banking to spark so many emotions and feedback, and we listen to you every day. 

To the 27 million Nordic consumers and businesses that did not join us yet

We are at a true crossroads in the Nordics. It’s one of the most profitable banking markets in the world, but people are increasingly unsatisfied. 

Both consumers and businesses expect a more convenient, empathic and engaging alternative to traditional banks, lenders and payment service providers.

This is Lunar.

We can’t wait to show you how valuable you really are. We will use the new funding to launch new products and services making sure all 27 million people in the North will have a better alternative at hand.

What’s next for Lunar

We have a packed second half of 2021. 

We will expand our users’ opportunities to invest in what they truly believe is the future, we will solve problems for Swedish and Norwegian companies to keep them growing and we will unleash the future of payments. 

A few words about our new investors

We’ve been grateful to have supportive investors backing Lunar from the very beginning. Seed Capital as the first and Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker, C.W Obel, Socii Capital, Greyhound Capital and Preseed Ventures that helped us to get our banking license and continue to support us and our growth.

We have also had business angels being instrumental in the first years and they still play an important role in guiding, supporting and advising us. Peter Mühlmann, the Founder and CEO of Trustpilot, is the latest to join us.

Today we welcome some of the world’s most notable investors in the financial technology space. 

The funding round was led by family-owned investment company HEARTLAND, Kinnevik, one of Europe’s leading growth investors, and Tencent, the leading China-based technology company.

Alongside the lead investors, IDC Ventures, Fuel Ventures, MW&L Capital Partners also invested. 

We are beyond excited to welcome investors with such valuable experience to join our next stage of growth.

Thank you from all of Team Lunar.

Ken Villum Klausen

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