25. march 2020

Unlocking Lunar’s Benefit feature to support entrepreneurs

We feel the pain from the struggle many entrepreneurs go through at the moment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a small gesture we are unlocking our Benefit feature for Scandinavian startups helping to boost their business.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone, but at least when it’s about your money it’s business as usual in Lunar. We are also a startup and we are finding new ways to help each other as a community.

One way is to use our feature Lunar Benefits as a helping hand to those who need it the most. 

What’s Lunar Benefits?

We started in the summer of 2019 to reward our users with treats, perks and deals on brands we know they love in Lunar Benefits. 

What began as a test soon proved to be one of the favorite features for many of our users and today it’s a fixed feature in the app’s marketplace.

Today Lunar Benefits offer a broad selection of brands - starting from kitchen equipment, transportation or even accessuaries for your phone. Currently, there are up to 15 exciting brands with the Lunar Benefits, such as TV2 Play, GoMore, Podimo, HelloYoga and many more. 

Why is that a good deal for startups?

We want to unlock our Benefit feature to startups struggling in the current situation. With exposure in Benefits, brands get maximum visibility to our user base and we help partners with ads, SoMe lookups and in-app marketing to increase sales. 

We believe that Lunar Benefits can bring a lot of value to smaller brands during the tough days. Are you an entrepreneur yourself or perhaps you have a neighbor who deserves any support to survive the crisis? 

Go ahead and spread the word! 


Tag a name on Lunar’s post on Facebook or LinkedIn. The competition is available in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. 

In order to participate in the competition, your business has to meet the below criteria:

✅You must provide a service or product

✅You have an existing setup to receive new customers online (on your own webshop or website)

✅You must have an existing setup to create promo codes

✅You must have existing logistics setup to ship your goods / services

Read more about the terms and conditions here

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