03. april 2020

What is a virtual card? Nine reasons you’ll need more than one

Virtual cards are getting more popular by the hour because they reduce the risk of card fraud. But what is a virtual card, why do you need more than one and how do you get one? Get all the answers here.

There is always a risk when you pass on your card details online, and criminal minds keep finding new ways to get to your personal information. That’s the main reason behind the popularity of the virtual cards. 

Unlike a physical payment card you can carry around in your wallet, a virtual card only exists digitally. They have dynamic security codes (CVC) that is updated hourly. You can dispose of them anytime you want and just delete the card. You can also use the same card multiple times and delete and restore when you like. 

All Lunar users get a virtual card in the app for free. You can also upgrade to Lunar Premium and get up to five virtual cards. Get the app here and try it out.

Nine reasons why you need virtual cards

1. Fraudsters keep finding new ways

Criminals keep finding new ways to lure your information and you can actually end up with the bill if you don’t protect your personal information. 

There is fraud with payment cards for more than 13 billion DKK in Europe every year and if you find a must-have in a new kind of online shop it can be a good idea to be careful and create a virtual card before the purchase. 

2. It’s a hassle to get a new card

If you’ve been the victim of card fraud you of course need a new card. That can be a hassle. In the Lunar app you can freeze and unfreeze your card with a swipe, but it still takes several days for a new physical card to be delivered by mail. 

3. You love free trials, but you forget to cancel

You probably know all about it. You want to try out a new exciting service for free the first month - and then you forget all about it, don’t really use it and forget to cancel the subscription. It’s a classic, and that’s why it’s clever to subscribe with a virtual card. That way you can easily manage and cancel your subscription and delete your virtual card when the free trial expires. 

4. You don’t have an overview of all your digital subscriptions

One thing is free trials, but a virtual card is also an obvious choice for managing all your digital subscriptions like streaming services and media. That way you’ll get a full overview and can easily manage which ones you can’t live without. 

Use one virtual card for online purchases and another one for your subscription services. 

5. Because you have enough plastic

More cards, less plastic. What’s not to like. 

6. It’s a smart choice to use separate accounts for food delivery and online grocery shopping

Everyone does not love budgeting. And even if you actually have a budget, it can be hard to live by. So control your spending with a separate virtual card instead.

7. You don’t want pleasures to become addictions

Do you like to gamble online but would like to keep yourself on a leash? A virtual card can come in handy. Whether you are into poker, casino or sport betting a virtual card will both protect you from fraud and can quickly be deleted if you want to limit your gambling. 

8. You have kids and they love to buy games online

“Daaaaaad! Can I borrow your card? I need for something Fortnite on my phone.” If you are in the risk group of hearing those words at home - get a virtual card ASAP! When your kids get hold of your card information things will just never be the same again. 

9. You’ll get your virtual card before your physical are shipped

As soon as you’re approved in Lunar you can create a virtual card. So you don’t have to wait for your the mailman before you can get started moving subscriptions, using your card online and budgeting. As easy as it gets.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a virtual card? Get the app here and try it out.

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