03. april 2020

How you are covered by your Lunar Premium travel insurance

You bring your card everywhere. That’s why we have included one of the best travel insurances in your Premium card. You are covered all over the world - also when you use AirBnB.

If you lose your luggage in the airport, break a tooth in Bali or smash a vase in your AirBnB in New York, Lunar Premium travel insurance got you covered. 

If you buy your travel and accommodation with your Premium card, you are automatically covered all over the world.

We give you the full overview of how the insurance can help you. 

✅You are covered all over the world

✅Your travel can last a maximum of 30 days

✅You can get transport home in case of sickness or injury 

✅You're covered if you’re evacuated 

✅Search and rescue included

✅Psychological emergency

✅Lost and delayed luggage

✅Personal property

✅If you lose or your passport and other documents are stolen

✅If you rent a house or apartment and break something

✅Injuries and damages

✅If you need a dentist 

✅If you’re assaulted

✅If you need legal assistance

Read the full insurance policy (in Danish only) here.

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