18. march 2020

Handling your money during the covid-19 outbreak

A range of digital banking features are more useful than ever no matter how you are impacted by covid-19. Lunar is ready to support - from home.

We are all taking care of each other by keeping a distance to flatten the curve of contamination, but regardless of how you are personally impacted you might worry about your personal finances due to the insecurity in the economy. 

In Lunar we are all working remotely and from our homes to ensure that you have access to your money, can pay your bills, shop both in stores and online and transfer money instantly. Reliable and secure digital banking has never been more important. 

Here are some of the features you might need to take an extra look at in the coming weeks while we are all trying to flatten the curve. 

All you need is on your mobile

Lunar is completely mobile-based and you can handle all your banking with a swipe and a tap. 


Get an overview of your spend 

If you worry about your personal finances the first step is to get an overview of your spend in the app 📊We devide your spend in categories to give you full insight.

Do a budget

Tap 🔔in the app and choose maximum spend and divide your budget in categories like groceries, transport, entertainment etc. 

Save up and make a Goal

Perhaps you need to cancel a planned holiday or it’s time to reflect and set new goals. Make a new one in the app, give it a name, add a photo and start saving. You can make rules and save up automatically. 

Pay bills

The businesses really need you to pay your bills in due time. You can do it in the app just by taking a photo 📸 - it does not get any easier. 

Transfer money instantly

Don’t make anyone wait for your transfer. If you need to send someone money you can do it instantly. 

Pay contactless 

If you shop in physical stores use contactless payment on your card to avoid danger of contamination when you touch the machine,

Buy online

Avoid physical stores and buy online. You’ll soon get the opportunity to create a virtual card and get even more security when shopping online.

Keep an eye on your investments

Stocks markets are taking some steep dips these days. If you have invested in stocks, keep an eye on them in the app 👀 If you consider to invest, keep updated. You can see the selection of European and US stocks in the app.

Get entertainment with Benefits

Benefits in the Lunar app provides you with free streaming services at the moment. You’ll get access to 📺TV2 Play, 📚 Mofibo and 🎧 Podimo.

The authorities advise you to keep your hands clean, but don’t forget your phone. Apple recently changed their guidelines  and says you can use a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean your iphone. 

We are digital - also in the way of working

In Lunar we are all working from home to take care of each other and ourselves the next weeks. It’s  - almost - business as usual as we are used to working flexible, remotely and cross borders and offices. 

We are working together apart, and  you will not feel a difference. We are keeping the wheels in motion so you can use Lunar like always.

If you need Support we’re still very much available in the chat 💬and on the phone 📞

You can always check our status page - all is green and we’ll let you know in the app if anything changes. 

Best regards

Team Lunar

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