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16. april 2020

Expat or student: How to get a free Danish bank account easier than ever

Get a free Danish bank account and Visa card as a non-citizen all safe and digital. Manage your money and NemKonto in an English banking app crammed with helpful features. You will join more than 150,000 users with a Lunar bank account.

12. october 2021

Lunar acquires Paylike and launches one-step checkout

Lunar, the financial services company that offers Nordic consumers and businesses a new way to bank and pay, acquires Paylike to make online payments simpler and faster for both e-commerce entrepreneurs and consumers.

12. july 2021

Lunar takes giant leap in rolling out digital-first banking in the Nordics: Raises EUR 210 million Series D

Lunar cements its position as the leading pan-Nordic challenger bank and raises EUR 210 million in Series D equity funding. The investment round, which is the biggest of its kind from a Nordic challenger bank, was led by HEARTLAND alongside Kinnevik and Tencent. The new funding will fast track the rollout of its consumer-centric digital first financial offering in all Nordic countries

12. july 2021

We just raised a record Series D. Here’s why that’s possible 

Founding Lunar in 2015 was a small step. Announcing our record Series D funding is a giant leap for both Lunar and all Nordic banking customers. The Lunar team and our users made it possible.

Kasper Mathias Svendsen

12. march 2021

How our community drove us to create an ocean cleanup feature

Lunar introduces Project Blue, a new initiative which enables our users to clean the Nordic oceans from plastic every time they use their Lunar card. Head of Design Kasper Mathias Svendsen takes you behind the scenes to show you how and why we empowered our community.

05. february 2021

Are you a money mule?

Have you been asked to receive money, withdraw it and then hand it back to the sender? Perhaps by your boyfriend, a friend or a friend’s friend? If you have, you need to say 'no' next time! Why? Because you might have acted as a money mule, which is illegal. 

Lunar Business

05. february 2021

7 things that can give you a faster response to your Business application

This is how you make the best business application when you want a Lunar Business account.

22. january 2021

Learn to spot scam emails

Perhaps you have received an email from Lunar that looks suspicious. This is phishing*, and we are aware of it and are working hard to avoid the circulation of them.

Lunar entrance

14. january 2021

How to survive your first year in a fintech startup

LOCKDOWN EDITION: Make your first year in a startup - even in the midst of a pandemic - as smooth as it can get.

06. july 2020

Get an even better overview: Design your own frontpage in the app

Your Home page in the Lunar app just got a lot smarter and you can personalise it to make even more of your money. You choose what you want to be featured, transfer easier and get a detailed overview of your coming payments. 

Multiple accounts

03. april 2020

Bank like a pro with multiple accounts

It pays off to get three bank accounts to manage your personal finances. Get inside tips from a real pro - Lunar’s head of credit - and the neatest way to organise your accounts.

Virtual card

03. april 2020

Become 100% digital without plastic: This is how you use a virtual card

Get the same benefits as with a bank card, but remove the physical part: at Lunar you can get an account and a card entirely digitally - and it’s for free. Get nine reasons of why you should start using a virtual card.

Woman with surf board

03. april 2020

How you are covered by your Lunar Premium and Pro travel insurance

You bring your card everywhere. That’s why we have included one of the best travel insurances in Premium and Pro. You are covered all over the world - also when you use AirBnB.


25. march 2020

Unlocking Lunar’s Benefit feature to support entrepreneurs

We feel the pain from the struggle many entrepreneurs go through at the moment due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a small gesture we are unlocking our Benefit feature for Scandinavian startups helping to boost their business.


18. march 2020

Handling your money during the covid-19 outbreak

A range of digital banking features are more useful than ever no matter how you are impacted by covid-19. Lunar is ready to support - from home.

07. january 2020

Guide: 7 simple steps to improve your finances in 2020

Are your finances as you would like them to be? Do you have any money left at the end of the month? Do you ever reach your savings goals? If you can say “No” to just one of these questions, then this guide is for you. 

03. january 2020

New to investing? Here are 15 expressions you need to know

Investing is actually not that hard to get into as you might think. The first step is learning the lingo. So here are 15 expressions you need to know as a new investor.

05. december 2019

What we learned from changing the Lunar brand - and what you need to know when rebranding a business

At Lunar we recently changed our entire brand identity. Why did we do it? What did we learn? What do you need to know if you’re about to change your brand identity? Get the answers here. 

21. november 2019

The ultimate guide: 12 tips to get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean a ton of great offers, but also many temptations. This guide shows you how to get the most out of some of the biggest shopping days of the year and end up with great purchases and no buyers remorse.

21. august 2019

We got our own banking license 🚀 - and can give you better features faster

A letter from Lunar Way’s CEO and CBO.

25. april 2019

You can now connect accounts in other banks to your Lunar Way app - and it’s only the beginning

You can now connect accounts set in other banks to your Lunar Way app and get a full overview of your entire economy in one place. Within a matter of months you will also be able to initiate transactions and payments from accounts connected to the app. This is the first step towards the full power of Open Banking and will change banking as we know it dramatically. We’ll tell you why.

04. january 2019

Lunar Way's 2018 recap and visions for 2019

2018 was a fantastic year for Lunar Way. We reached many of our goals and worked hard for our accomplishments. We even made a little bit of Danish history, and it is safe to say, that we have laid the groundwork for an equally ambitious 2019. We can’t wait to show you what’s in the pipeline!