Lunar x Astralis

Meet the world's best Counter-Strike players in our new Astralis universe. Get the exclusive Astralis card, which gives you access to video coaching with the players and lots of other cool fan benefits.

Get an unique Astralis card and access to exclusive content in the Lunar app.

Account and Astralis card


Astralis universe in the app


300,000 have already signed up for Lunar

Make the most of your money with Lunar and Astralis

Together with Astralis, we have opened up a whole new Astralis universe in the Lunar app.

Get an account and an exclusive Astralis Visa card, and manage your money easier than ever from Denmark's best banking app.

We make finances manageable, fun and engaging, and we do it 100% digitally. And you can easily keep your current bank and use us on the side.

Let Astralis train you

Can you imagine anyone better to trick tricks off than Astralis? With the Astralis card we give access to an exclusive Astralis Academy in the app, where you can learn from Dupreeh, Kasper Hvidt and the rest of the Astralis squad.

Watch coaching videos with the players, made specifically for Lunar users, and get tips to become a better player and stay mentally sharp.

Astralis card with extra benefits

Together with Astralis, we have designed the world's first and only Astralis Visa card.

With this card you get access to all the exclusive benefits in the Astralis universe. Get access to player content in the app, which you will not find anywhere else in the world, pre access to merchandise and much more.

Get under the skin of your favorite player

Do you wonder how Astralis became one of the best CS:GO teams in the world? Or what Gla1ve eats to stay sharp?

With "Ask Me Anything" you can ask questions to all the Astralis players and get answers to your questions directly in the app.

What you get with
Lunar x Astralis

With Lunar you get access to the Astralis universe. And with the Astralis card you get access to even more exclusive benefits.



For all Lunar users

What you get with
Lunar x Astralis

With Lunar you get access to the Astralis universe. And with the Astralis card you get access to even more exclusive benefits.

Standard card



For all Lunar users

Astralis card



For users with the Astralis card

Lunar benefits

Free account
All the bank features you know + extra cool features.
Free standard card
Black Visa card with your own PIN code.
Denmark's best banking app
Manage your money easier than ever.

Astralis benefits for all Lunar users

Player profiles
See info about all the Astralis players.
Ask Me Anything answers
See the players' answers to Ask Me Anything questions.
Academy teasers
Get a sneak peak at tips and tricks videos with the players.
Discord community
Join the community on Astralis' very own Discord channel.

Exclusive for everyone with the Astralis card

Astralis card
Cool card developed with Astralis.
Astralis Academy
Watch tips and tricks videos with the players, and get trained by the best. Made for Lunar only.
Ask Astralis
With “Ask Me Anything” you can ask questions directly to the players and get answers.
Backstage access
Get close to the players with behind the scenes material.
Pre-access to events and merchandise
Get access to special events before everyone else.
Meet & Greet
Get a chance to meet the entire Astralis team.

Get answers to your questions

All Lunar users have access to certain parts of the Astralis universe. If you want all the exclusive benefits, you need to get the Astralis card, as it is the card that gives you access to the entire universe. The Astralis card costs DKK 49 per month.
It's only possible for users who are 18+ years old to purchase the full package.

Once you have signed up for Lunar, select “Astralis” under “Products” and follow the instructions.

The Astralis card is powered by Lunar and you need to download the app and sign up for Lunar. The Astralis card costs 49 kr. a month, but it is free to sign up for Lunar.

Get the Lunar app for free

It is the Astralis card that gives you access to the exclusive benefits. The Astralis card costs DKK 49 per month.

If you have a Premium or Pro subscription, you can easily order the Astralis card on the side for DKK 49 a month. Please note that the number of cards included in your subscription is still valid. If you have, for example, Premium, you can have three physical cards in total. So if you currently have three active physical cards, you have to close one to make room for the Astralis card.

It’s completely free to sign up for Lunar and create an account, a Visa card and use our banking app. You don’t pay for transfers or receiving transactions nor do you pay fees to pay your bills.

You just need to download the app and sign up. You can buy extra services in the app, but you can also just use Lunar for free. It is completely up to you. You do not have to switch banks to get Lunar - and you can add your other bank so you can get the complete overview of your accounts in the Lunar app.

It costs 49 kr. a month to get the Astralis card.

No, you don’t have to switch from your current bank to use Denmark’s best banking app. You can choose Lunar as your primary bank or use it as your secondary, if you don’t wish to shift from your current one. You also have the opportunity to connect your current bank account to Lunar when you create an account. 

Try Lunar – it’s 100% free and non-binding.

Most EU/EEA citizens with a Danish address can become a customer at Lunar - as long as you are over 18 years old and have a NemID.

Yes. If you have turned 15 you can get your own bank account and a sleek black Lunar card. Read more aboutthe best banking app in Denmark for young people.

To open an account with Lunar you will need a passport or driver's license and a NemID.

Download the Lunar app in the App Store or Google Play and sign up directly in the app. It only takes a few minutes and you need a passport or driver license and a valid Nem-ID to register.

Download Lunar and meet Astralis in the app

Sign up for Denmark's best banking app now, and order your Astralis card. Get access to exclusive fan benefits for DKK 49 per month.