Banking as easy as it gets

The Lunar app is designed to make it easy, straightforward and even fun to manage your finances. Do interactive budgeting, get a unique overview of your spend and a motivational saving feature. You can also get insurance, start to invest in stocks and link other accounts in the app.

The Lunar app

We hate creating budgets too…

… That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to set your economy to autopilot. Set your budget and help the app get started. From then on it will categorize your spending and make it easy for you to get an overview and adapt. The budget works in real-time and sends you notifications on how it’s going reaching your budget targets.


A personalized savings feature

Do you know the feeling of quickly packing a suitcase and jumping on the next plane to Puerto Rico to sip Pina Coladas on the beach and watch the sunset? We don’t. But we know how to help you save up for it.

  • Save reciepts

  • See purchases right away

  • Freeze card

  • Unlock with facial recognition

  • Connect external accounts

  • Transfer money for free

  • Chat with support

  • Pay your bills with a photo

  • See purchases right away

  • Invite friends

  • Savings

All the


Heeelp me!

What’s wrong? 😱

I’m on vacation and I can’t remember the PIN for my Travel Card!

No worries. You can

find it in the app🤗

Awesome. Thanks!

You can take care of yourself…

… but juuuust in case you against all expectations need some help, we’re always right here in the palm of your hand.

Use your Lunar card with Google Pay™

Add your Lunar card to Google Pay to make easy and secure contactless payments with your Android device.

Paying with Google Pay by holding mobile phone over a payment terminal

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