Lunar 15-17 years

Manage your money with Denmark’s best banking app. Get a stylish Visa debit card and a bank account for salary, allowances and savings.

Lunar app and black Visa card

Your own account and sleek card

With Lunar you get your own bank account and a stylish black Visa debit card to manage your money. You can use the account for salary, allowances and savings - and you can transfer and do payments for free.

The Visa debit card can be used all over the world, and you can do it without a worry, because you can’t get into an overdraft.

Make the most of your money

Manage your money easily with notifications every time you spend. If you have DKK 500 in your “Food and drink” budget and spend DKK 200 in a café, we’ll let you know what’s left for the rest of the month.

We divided the spend in brands. That makes it easier than ever to get an overview of how you use your money and manage it.

Get a kick out of saving up

Do a personal saving Goals. Name it. Find a picture that describes it. Type in the amount you need to get it and make your own rules. Like rounding up every time you use your card. Get a kick out of seeing your savings grow and feel the rush when you reach your Goals.

With Lunar you get

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Get control of your money with your own account. Your parents do not need to sign you up, but let them know you choose Lunar as your bank.

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You can use your black Visa card all over the world. You can do it with ease, because you can’t spend more than what you got on the account.

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With notifications it’s easy for you to manage your money smart and make the most of it.

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The Lunar app is designed to motivate you to check your account every day, to give you the best money skills. You get overview, awesome features and discounts on nice brands.

Card and account is free

The price for your card and account with Lunar is DKK 0 in yearly fees. You don’t pay to transfer and receive money or pay bills.

Get answers to your questions

Yes, it is free to sign up to Lunar. You get a black Visa debit card, a bank account and Denmark’s best banking app. You don’t pay for transfers or paying bills. It costs DKK 9 to withdraw money in Denmark and 1% in markup to use your card abroad.

No, you don’t need to change bank. You decide for yourself. You can be with both banks, switch completely to Lunar or only use Lunar. You can link other bank accounts in the app and get the full overview of your money.

Try Lunar for free if you are in doubt. Try Lunar for free.

No, you can’t get an overdraft.

Get the Lunar app in App Store or Google Play. You sign up directly in the app. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll need a passport and valid NemID to open an account and get the black Visa card.

You can't get an overdraft, credits, loans or buy services like Lunar Premium, Invest and insurance when you are under 18. With Lunar your money is safe and secured by the deposit guarantee up to DKK 750,000.

Do like 300,000 others. Get Lunar for free today.

Sign up for Lunar for free and get Denmark’s most awesome banking app, your own account and a sleek black Visa debit card.