It’s time for
a digital bank

With Lunar you get a Visa card, an account and a banking app far from the ordinary. All for free.


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Modern mobile bank and debit card
Lunar is a digital bank with the best app on the market. We make things easier for more than 150,000 users every day. Get a sleek card and account for free and manage with the neatest tools.
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Lunar x Astralis

We are taking your banking experience to the next level with a specially designed Astralis card and unique content in the Lunar app. Get the most of your money when you manage your spend, save and engage with Lunar. Be the first to get access to the new Astralis universe. Get the app, apply Lunar for free and join the waitlist.

The Astralis Counter-strike team

New: Lunar Premium

In Lunar, we turn everything upside down. That's why we are launching Lunar Premium, an upgraded banking experience at a set, low price. There are no hidden withdrawal and exchange fees, with a travel and luggage insurance included, you can create virtual cards and manage your personal finances with three bank accounts.

Debit cards in beautiful colors


Add your Lunar card to Google Pay to make easy and secure contactless payments with your Android device.

Paying with Google Pay by holding mobile phone over a payment terminal

A card you actually want to flash

The Lunar card is the three S's - specially designed, sleek and black (oh...). Anyway, we don’t lie when we say that it’s a card you want to show off. There is no yearly usage fee and it also doesn’t cost you anything to freeze or close the card. What’s not to like?


Get one account with free transfers for DKK 0. You can link accounts from other banks and add extra accounts.


A black, sleek and specially designed card you like to flash. The yearly fee is DKK 0. You can upgrade and get exclusive colours and extra cards.


The Lunar app lets you manage all aspects of your financial life. You get an interactive budget, a personalized savings feature, spend overview, insurance, investment and much more.

Price per month for a Lunar subscription

The price? A big fat 0 - It’s free!

  • Free banking app
  • Free account and card
  • Free transfers
  • Free payments
  • Free payments of bills

Banking as easy as it gets

Spend, transfer, pay, invest, save and manage your finances from one place. You’ll get a banking app crammed with features and designed to give you full control.

Can you feel the FOMO*?

Then why not do something about it? Jump right in and give Lunar a try. It’s free, non-committal and we don’t care if we’re your only one, or if you have several other banks on the side. You decide.

* FOMO: Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, Oxford Dictionary.


What is Lunar?

Are we a tech company? Are we a bank? You can’t label Lunar.

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